You are now able to receive text message notifications from BGCWC. We will use this service to remind you of important events and information for you and your student. 

We will use this service during the school year but especially during the summer if we: 

  1. Go to the pool and because of rain we need to return to the club. (Summer)
  2. If due to rain, we don’t go to the pool at all. (Summer)
  3. Remind you of upcoming field trips and to make sure to wear your BGCWC T-Shirt.  (Summer) 
  4. If the club would need to close for any reason like snow or flooding. (School Year) 


Below you will find instructions on how to sign up for our text alerts.

***Due to child protection laws, we are not allowed to send messages to children under the age of 13 without parental permission. If your child signs up and is under the age of 13, a parents email will be required so that we have your permission and so that you also see what is being sent out.

Should you have any questions, Contact Us.