2018-2019 Youth of the Year


Meet Kassandra, our 2018-2019 Junior Youth of the Year. She credits the Club with helping her learn valuable life lessons and takes pride in giving back to her community.

“The Boys & Girls Club made a huge impact on my life. Before I started coming, I was unsure of what it meant to be a friend, and part of my community. The Club made me realize how much I was missing out on. My life changed for the better here. As an 8th grade I feel I understand more than most girls my age do. Everything I am today, is based on the lessons that were taught to me, or an idea that was shared to me at the Club. I have learned so much from the staff here and who knows where I would be without the Boys & Girls Club. Thank you!”

Kassandra is currently undecided in her future plans, but wants to stay connected to the Boys & Girls Club.

Kassandra on a BGCWC field trip to COSI.

Kassandra speaking at the BGCWC Annual Dinner.