Lice Problem

Families of BGCWC,

We currently have found live lice in our Club. We did a whole club head check of those in attendance this afternoon.

A few things we are doing to cut the cycle:

  1. Sending home those with live lice and notifying those with eggs.

  2. We are cleaning and treating our soft furniture and soft toys and will have those out of service for a few weeks to stop the cycle.

  3. We will do frequent head checks in the club.

How you can help:

  1. If you are dealing with lice in your family, please let us know and do not send your child to the club for a few day while you break the lice cycle in your house.

  2. Check your child daily. Many of the kids we checked say they have lice active in their schools too.

  3. Put long hair up and use hairspray.

  4. Consider non-chemical ways to fend off lice.

  5. Make sure your kids know to not share hats, brushes, hair clips, etc.

  6. Kids coats and hats may carry them and here and at school they are hung close together. Teach your child to store their hats and coats in their book bags to limit transfer.

Together we can break the cycle of lice!!