Summer Camp

1. Club Hours are 7:00am - 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

2. Morning Snack will be offered between 7:30am and 8:30 am. We begin our day at 8:30, so morning snack will not be given after that time.

3. Lunch is served everyday at 11:30. We have to call in our lunch count by 9:00am. If your child will arrive after 9:00, please call and let us know they are coming so we can order them lunch. Children are allowed to bring their own lunch if they choose to.

4. Kids will be participating in several outdoor activities during the day. Please make sure they wear TENNIS SHOES everyday but bring flip flops for the pool on Wednesday. If they are not wearing tennis shoes, they will not get to participate in some activities.

5. Please leave electronics at home. Kids may have their cell phones and tablets, but will not be allowed to use them until free time. BGCWC will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

6. Check the schedule for the gardening class. On those days, please make sure kids are wearing old clothes that can get dirty.

7. If your child is packing lunch, we require it to be nutritious and healthy so they have the energy to participate in activities.

8. No Slime! No Fidget Spinners! No Blankets! Thank You.

9. On Pool Days, kids need to bring; Sunscreen, Bag/Backpack for Belonging, Change of Clothes, Swimsuit or Trunk, Towel

10. If you wish to supply spending money for your child(ren) at the pool, give it to the front desk staff. It will be placed in an envelope with their name on it and amount and staff will take care of it and takeout to the pool and distribute it during the break time. If the child wishes to hold on to the money themselves, BGCWC will not be held responsible if the money is stolen or lost.