Winter at BGCWC


Winter has arrived! I just wanted to give you all information on what happens here at BGCWC when schools close or delay.

In order for us to provide all day care, we have to have at least 12 kids present all day. If we do not have those 12, we are not able to pay staff, therefore, we will not offer all day care unless Marietta School are closed. Marietta is where most of our kids come from. We do not have enough in Williamstown and Warren to make that 12 kid quota.

Marietta and Warren A.M. Kids: Should either call a 2 hour delay, we will operate normally and just transport or get kids on the bus 2 hours later.

Marietta, Warren, & Williamstown P.M. kids: Should any of these schools call for an early dismissal, we will operate normally and be ready to transport or get kids off the bus when they are let out of school.

If kids are dropped off in the morning and then Marietta closes, we will be here all day for those kids, so don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered. If Warren closes after kids are dropped off, you will need to pick the kids up by 8:30. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough kids to be able to pay our staff to be here all day. If Marietta and Warren BOTH close, everyone will be able to be here all day.


Washington County Sheriff’s Office will call a snow emergency:

    Level One: Club OPEN

    Level Two: Club OPEN

    Level Three: Club CLOSED


If BGCWC should close for any reason, it will appear on WTAP, our Website, and on Social Media. When school closes and kids will be here all day, THEY WILL NEED TO PACK A LUNCH.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the club.